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5 Influential Health and Fitness Bloggers That You Should Know

I realize that you are going to look outside of my blog for health and fitness advice, as I would hope that you would! However, I don't want you just looking around at any old blog written by just anybody. I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite health and fitness blogs. Each of them has something different to give to its readers. I suggest you check out a few posts from each one. &nb...
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Weight Loss Book Recommendations

The Four Hour Body The Four Hour Body well help you rethink the way that you should lose weight. The author, Tim Ferriss, wants you to lose the most amount of weight, with the least amount of effort. Usually, programs based on this principle are just a bunch of fluff but I think Mr. Ferriss is on to something here!The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom You c...
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Review: The Four Hour Work Week

// // This post is more of a collection of lessons I learned from reading "The Four Hour Work Week" than it is a full review book review. A full page review is not necessary- whether you are 23 or 63, single or married, working for the man or a self made entrepreneur, you should read this book! The author, Tim Ferris, proposes that we engage in what he calls Lifestyle Design. In a nutshell...
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