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Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself!

Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself! 

You’re trying to lose weight, you feel like you’re going nowhere, the scale may not be moving, and then the next thing you know you stop trying to be healthy altogether. I have seen so many people go through this cycle. You aren’t quitting because you have no willpower. You aren’t quitting because you just love carbs too much to diet. You aren’t quitting because you weren’t seeing results. You are quitting because the effort that you were putting in wasn’t building up to physical changes…yet. As a trainer I see this all of the time!

Here’s the problem.

It takes a lot of time and work to produce outward physical changes in your body! I mean, a lot of time! Your body, whether it is big, small, or extra large, really doesn’t want to change. It likes the status quo. Therefor, it is going to take a lot of preparation, habit formation, nutritional changes, etc. before you start to see results in the mirror. However, just because you aren’t seeing results does not mean that you aren’t getting results!

While it is great to focus on your overall goal, it is also important to notice all of the small wins that you are accumulating along the way!

You joined the gym- WIN!

You ordered chicken fajitas instead of cheese enchiladas- WIN!

You drank water this morning, something in which you don’t normally do – WIN!

You have been accumulating more steps per day – WIN!

You’re taking a multivitamin – WIN!

I could go on and on! Most of us don’t recognize these small obstacles that we are overcoming. If we eat 10 healthy things over the weekend and 1 bad thing, we obsess over our failures and how we ate something bad. The reality is that before you started this process, you were making 8 bad decisions in a weekend and now you are only making 1! That’s huge! Even if you are only now making 7 not so great decisions, you are improving!

It’s going to take a very long time to reach your goals. If you wait to be satisfied with yourself or with your efforts until you reach your goals, you will not enjoy the process and you will likely give up out of frustration! 

There will rarely be a day in which all of your decisions are perfectly aligned with your values, goals, and dreams. Don’t expect to wake up one day and know how to do this whole healthy living thing. I sure as hell don’t have it figured out! However, what I do know is that you need to give yourself props for all of the hard work you have put in. Even if you haven’t lost a single pound yet, if you have made a single positive decision or taken a single action towards your goals, you need to congratulate your efforts.

It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to continue to strive towards bigger goals. However, while doing so, you must be your biggest cheerleader every step along the way!


Every morning and evening write down 5 things that went for you that day. They can be things that you did, something that happened to you, just 5 positive notes from the day!

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