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Why You Will Never Lose Weight

First, let me say that I hope I am wrong. I hope that you do lose weight. I hope that you do reach your goals. So much so that I developed a journal to help you do so! However, unless you make some changes, no amount of journaling is going to get that weight off.

I want to talk (rant) a minute about your goals, actions, and values.

Do your actions align with your values?

How do you spend your time? What do you do in your “free” time?

Hopefully the answer to these two questions is aligned to your goals AND to your values! I am sure that you have a goal of being in better shape, looking better, and feeling better. Do your actions reflect that? If somebody followed you around for an entire day, what would they say you value? What would they say your goals are? A lot of us, myself included, set goals that sound great, but they are not aligned with what we truly value in life. Again, I am not talking about what we SAY we value, but rather what we SHOW that we value through our daily actions.

For example, let’s say that you have a goal of losing 25 lbs by your 50th birthday. That’s awesome! However, although you work out with a trainer 2-3 days a week and take yoga on the weekends, you also go out drinking 3 nights a week, eat out almost every meal, and sleep less than 6 hours per night every night. You may value losing weight, but not nearly as much as you value going out on the weekends, hanging out with your friends and being a socialite. Just for the record, doing all of these things are fine. Nobody is judging you for your actions. I am rather just pointing out to you that it is possible that what you are saying one thing with your words and a completely different thing with your actions.

What can you do about it?

You can either change your actions to meet your values and goals or you can change your goals to align with your actions. Changing your goals would be easier, changing your actions will be more rewarding.

As a health and fitness professional, I hate to tell you to give up on your health and fitness goals, but I would rather just save you the time than have you disillusioned for the next 10 years complaining about being overweight. Sure you are putting in some effort towards your health, but let’s be honest, it’s just enough effort that you can say that you are trying! Just enough effort that you can complain about not seeing results. Just enough effort to justify having that extra glass of wine. You aren’t really trying. You are just doing enough to enable your other bad behaviors. Maybe your values just don’t align with living a healthy lifestyle. That’s totally fine! Again, nobody is condemning you for that. I am however, condemning those people that say that they want to lose weight, feel better, or run faster but then don’t go all in towards these goals. If you are tired of not losing weight. If you are tired of looking frumpy. If you are tired of having to buy weird shaped clothes, please don’t complain about this fact. Definitely don’t complain if you are not taking 10X actions towards losing weight and looking better. If you are truly putting in crazy amounts of action towards your goals and you aren’t seeing any progress, you probably need to see a doctor because something may be wrong with you…seriously! I have never seen anybody not lose weight when they truly went all in.

I realize the tone of this message may have come across a little whiny. I am just tired of seeing people not live up to their potential, hearing people complain about their lack of results, and seeing a lack of effort from these people. You will excel in the areas of life in which you give effort. The areas in which your actions are directed. You can align your actions with your goals and values or you can continue to plateau.

The choice is yours.

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